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An assessment platform that makes your candidates feel right at home

Provide your technical candidates a familiar + intuitive development environment that will knock their socks off.

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Assessments your candidates will love

Creating an exceptional candidate experience is more important than ever in technical hiring. Designed for engineers, CodeSignal uses a consistent IDE across all assessments and live interviews to create a seamless user experience. This means that candidates and interviewers can revisit a candidate’s test results during a live interview, for example—something that other technical interviewing platforms do not support.

Use a platform that includes software engineers’ favorite features. CodeSignal’s Monaco-powered IDE—very similar to Visual Studio Code—makes engineers feel at home instantly. It’s got all the bells and whistles they’ve come to expect, including:

• Autocomplete
• Syntax highlighting
• Terminal
• Inline documentation on hover
• Configurable settings and themes
• Hotkeys, and much more!


Create a seamless candidate experience from screening to on-site


Let CodeSignal handle your top-of-funnel candidate screening with Certified Assessments. We take care of everything in software engineer certification—from question design, to test delivery and results analysis—leaving you time to focus on your best talent.

Candidates can easily manage their test invitations and share assessment results with a simple-to-navigate Test Center.


Design assessments that measure senior developers’ specialized skills with an expansive library of professionally-designed tasks for:

• Frontend & Mobile
• DevOps
• Backend
• Fullstack
• Data Science
• Filesystem design


Forget the whiteboard interview or Google Docs. Conduct a realistic technical interview in a familiar coding environment that’s fully equipped with engineers’ favorite features.

Ensure fairness and consistency for candidates by using templates for structured interviews. Or, keep it simple with free-coding mode.

You’re in Good Company

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Using CodeSignal, Greenhouse was able to boost onsite-to-offer conversions, helping them save engineering time while creating a better experience for both interviewers and candidates.

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CodeSignal helped Verkada double the size of their engineering team, all while reducing bias in their hiring process and ensuring top-notch candidate experience.

Since we started using CodeSignal, there have been multiple benefits—candidate experience, reduction of time spent on each candidate… Because of CodeSignal, we can reach out to more candidates and make sure that everyone gets a fair chance. We go beyond resumes and give [candidates] an opportunity to prove themselves on CodeSignal.

— Naresh Kasula, Recruiting Manager at Cohesity


Candidate Experience is the Ultimate Goal of Recruiting Automation.

How to Create Assessments with Candidate Experience In Mind

Create Automated Assessments That Senior Engineers Will Love

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